Onshore Texas

From the 13 3D seismic surveys it has studied so far Texon has leased 15 Prospects which are ready for drilling. Lease checking is being undertaken on a further 16 prospects, with the other 17 not being available for lease at this time. There are 120 more 3D seismic surveys yet to be evaluated by Wandoo and these are expected to provide many more prospects for Texon over the 8 year term of the Prospect Generation Agreement.

Of the 15 Prospects already leased, 10 have objective reservoir depths of less than 2100m and together these prospects are targeting a gross unrisked reserve potential of 4.7 to 12.6 bcf of gas or 3.5 to 9.5 bcf as to Texons’s Nett Revenue Interest (NRI).  The other five have reservoir objectives at depths greater than 2400m and these have a combined gross unrisked reserve potential of 89 to 195 bcf of gas or 43 to 93 bcf as to Texon’s anticipated Working Interest (WI) and NRI.

Together these represent a total gross unrisked potential targeted by the 15 well drilling program of 94 to 207 Bcf of gas or 50 to 100 Bcf as to Texons’s expected WI and NRI.

Texon intends to retain a 100% WI in the shallow program and a WI of between 50% and 75%

Hair Extensions Australia Gain Popularity

In America weaves and wigs have been a big thing for many years. In recent years there have been people like Wengie in Australia that have gained a lot of attention in recent years. She talks about beauty tips and she has also mentioned hair extensions Australia. She has one of the top YouTube channels for beauty products, and this has become an awesome way to style hair.

The hair extensions Australia craze has become a big thing because it allows women to save a lot of time. Salons like West End Hair and Foxy Locks Hair Extensions are able to give women the type of hair extensions Australia that look natural. This is the best possible way to get the extensions added. When professionals in salons do this they can rest assured that they are will have a professional looking style.

Women that buy Eden hair extensions Australia clips will be able to just add the hair quickly because the clip is easy to connect to the hair. There are some females that get hair that is very close to their natural hair color. There are others that may acquire hair extensions Australia that are totally different than their natural hair color or texture. This gives people the ability to blend in the hair extensions Australia for a two-tone color scheme.

This new generation of young women have taken to click here for clip in hair extensions because there are so many different styles that people like to use. There are social media websites that allow people to take a plethora of pictures, and women don’t always want the same look. This is why they make the decision to do get a variation of weaves. People like to be able to change up their styles on a regular basis, and these types of hair extension products give people access to more styles. These products are able to help women change their hair styles quickly.

Vibrators and Dildos For You

Adult Toys For You

Adult toys for you are very important because they will make it fun for you to play in bed with your partner. You have to be sure that you have talked to your partner about these, and then you will be able to get the adult toys for the bedroom that both of you will like. You need to be sure that you have gotten the help that you need to pick the right ones. Everyone deserves to have fun in the bedroom, but you cannot have any fun if you are not picking the right adult toys.

Make sure that you buy them from the right places, and then remember that you can get someone to help you with the kinds of adult toys that you need in bed. You know what you and your partner like, and then you can translate that into the fun that you want to have. There are a lot of things that you can do when you are in the bedroom, and you have a lot better options when you pick dildos that make your life exciting. Remember that this is for you and your partner. There are partners out there who want to have certain things that they can do in the bedroom, and you have to ask them if they can help you.

You have to be sure that you have ordered these online right now for vibrators https://www.wildsecrets.com.au/her-sex-toys/vibrators, and you should make sure that you have chosen something that you will want to use every day. You get easy options for playing that are a lot better priced, and they are going to make it lot simpler for you to have fun in bed.

Why Reputation Management is Necessary

Why Reputation Management is Necessary
Reputation management has become one of the essential pillars in people’s lives simply because how people perceive each other gives an impression of their values. Despite numerous efforts to maintain a high profile with positive feedback, social media has a way of making things look messy if people do not look out for people who shoot negative feedback on others.

Reputation management makes more sense for public figures and brands because they have a higher stake with their identities as compared to other individuals. As a result, such entities put up strategies to withhold any negative feedback coming their way, and instead, replace it with positive facts. For example, public figures and brands have social media profile managers who ensure that they respond adequately to any negative attacks. Therefore, reputation management is important for both individual purposes and public interest.

One of the ways of dealing with negative feedback is by publishing content that is original and informational. At the same time, this content should have an excellent Meta description that summarizes the content and an attractive title with the necessary keywords such that, when a fanatic or client does a Google search, the article is bound to appear as one of the top search results. As such, public figures and brands can use those positions to proclaim the truth way before the one carrying out the search gets to articles with negative feedback as part of their reputation management policy. 

Reputation management also calls for ethics. Otherwise, the same public figures and brands may hire third party individuals to write positive reviews on their blogs as a way of counteracting the negative feedback. Some go to the extent of creating false blogs and using them to post positive feedback while others use spam bots and denial-of-service attacks that forcefully remove websites that post negative feedback against them. As such, reputation management must have ethics just like any other industry.